About Me

Lynn Schaber
The Effective Conversation Coach
Leadership & Executive Coach (2003 – Present)

Lynn Schaber has 15 years’ experience in leadership and executive coaching.  She believes that people know deep down inside that they have the potential to achieve more and are looking for ways to tap into that potential. Lynn’s coaching facilitates that shift.

Lynn’s clients often remark on how calm they feel around her. Her coaching helps them to step away from the noise and view their situation from a more strategic vantage point. From this place of composure, clients discover new approaches to their situation helping them improve their leadership capabilities, developing a more strategic focus and leveraging a more effective communication style.

One of Lynn’s specialties is communication. Words and conversation are the currency we all work in. Lynn helps clients increase their self-awareness around their own communication style using a communication assessment tool and coaching. With improved communication skills, her clients become more successful leaders.

Besides individual coaching, Lynn works with teams and small coaching groups often within a Master Mind framework. Her coaching focuses on developing a stronger and more cohesive group and building greater trust and alignment which leads to higher performance.

Lynn delivers her coaching services and workshops both in person and virtually. She works with a globally diverse group of clients and has worked in small organizations, non-profits and large, international organizations. She has done work in healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, finance, entertainment, university and service organizations.

Trained in Conversation Intelligence® (C-IQ)

Based on the work of Judith Glaser, C-IQ is founded on the belief that “to get to the next level of organizational success and greatness is dependent on the quality of the culture, which is dependent on the quality of relationships, which is dependent upon the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.”

Lynn is certified in this body of work through a year-long program. Her clients who are using these concepts have found them to be very powerful and it has improved their conversation and relationship building skills.

Credentials and Education

Lynn Schaber is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adheres to the ICF’s ethics and standards for coaching. She is a graduate of Corporate Coach U International, a recognized training program for corporate coaches.

She is a past president of the International Coach Federation (ICF)-NJ Chapter formerly known as NJPCA (New Jersey Professional Coaches Association) and served two years as president of the board. Lynn is a mentor for the Lead Program of Women Unlimited, a year-long program for high potential women in management positions. She holds a BA in Communications from Rutgers University.